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Why Bendix Moto?

November 29, 2022 Beyond the bike

When it comes to brake pads for your motorcycle, Bendix now offers the perfect braking solution for a wide selection of bikes with the Bendix Moto range. As Australia’s largest automotive friction material manufacturer, Bendix has been at the leading edge of braking technology for close to 70 years and has now taken that expertise to the world of motorcycles.

Bendix Moto currently offers two brake pad types – Ultimate+ and Street Road Track. Each pad type covers the needs of a range of motorcycles and how they’re used, whether it be putting around on the daily commute, to full-blown track use. Bendix Moto’s extensive catalogue also covers an enormous range of different motorcycle types and models, so chances are Bendix Moto offers a braking solution perfectly suited to your motorcycle.

Bendix Moto Ultimate+

Bendix Moto Ultimate+ Brake Pads are suited to bikes that see a lot of hard work or time on the road day-to-day. They offer exceptional stopping power, low dust, and low noise, whilst offering high resistance to brake fade at higher temperatures thanks to a high-friction ceramic formulation.

Bendix Moto Ultimate+ Brake Pads are built to handle the stresses of stop-start traffic whilst offering high braking performance for when the weekend comes and it’s time to hit the trails or the open road.

Bendix Moto Street Road Track

Bendix Moto Street Road Track Brake Pads take things to the next level, offering the kind of braking performance required for high-speed riding applications. Designed to adjust to your riding style, Bendix Moto Street Road Track Brake Pads deliver consistent braking performance, with low fade, low wear, and high friction in a wide range of conditions.

Whether it be busy, unpredictable street riding, winding mountain roads, open road cruising, or constant hard braking out on the track, Bendix Moto Street Road Track Brake Pads are perfectly suited to the high braking demands of high-performance riding.

Bendix Moto Inspection 12

Whether it be a scooter, a trail bike, or a sports bike, Bendix Moto has you covered when it comes to your motorcycle’s braking needs. Bendix Moto’s performance brake pad formulation offerings and extensive catalogue mean that no matter what you ride, you can ride with confidence.