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Built for longevity and spirited riding.

Manufactured from sinter materials, Street Road Track pads offer increased durability over organic pads. The patented design ensures they can handle dirty or damp conditions with ease and deliver a longer life for spirited and experienced riders.

Extreme performance across any terrain.

Street Road Track is for riders who want to ride with confidence™ in tough conditions or when pushing their machine to the limit.

Suitable for spirited riding, mid and large-capacity bikes and heavier machines, Street Road Track is your choice when performance matters, delivering a strong initial braking bite to give you the control you need. They’re also designed to offer low fade in high temperatures.

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Stable friction

Offering superior friction stability, with Street Road Track pads you’ll always know what to expect every time you hit the brakes.

Strong initial bite

Street Road Track pads deliver increased responsiveness, sticking to your rotors faster and helping you stop quickly with more control.

Low fade

Delivering an increased lifespan compared to the industry standard, Street Road Track pads offer a lower reduction in braking ability over time.

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The choice for bigger, bolder riding.

Street Road Track goes harder, just like you ride. It’s the perfect pad option if you like to ride a bigger bike or go harder with your riding style.
Suitable for
Delivers you
Spirited riding
Offers more braking responsiveness and durability, especially for those riders who like more extreme or frequent riding.
Large capacity and heavier machines
A low maintenance pad option with a lower reduction in braking ability over time. Perfect for more control and stopping power in any weather conditions.
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Discover the Bendix Moto range

Developed using innovative technology and backed by nearly a century of braking expertise our two pads deliver riders confidence when they need it.
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Bendix parts are tested in Australia for Australian riding conditions, so you can get the best out of your bike. Explore our range of high quality brake pads and find the right fit for your bike.

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