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Built to ride with confidence

Ultimate+ pads are manufactured using dense ceramic materials for maximum durability. Embedded within each pad are fine copper fibres increasing friction and heat conductivity, to deliver longer-lasting endurance.

When appearance and consistency matter.

Ultimate + is for the everyday commuter or casual rider who wants ultimate confidence and control on their journey.

Suitable for cruisers, commuters, small and medium capacity trail and touring bikes, Bendix Moto Ultimate+ brake pads are low dust for clean wheels, low noise and to support long rotor life. Perfect for riders who aren't constantly riding ‘on the edge’ and care about their bike’s appearance.

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Low dust

Made from compounds proven to reduce wear, Ultimate+ pads are designed to limit the impact of metal-on-metal contact, improving their longevity.

Low noise

Ultimate+ pads are a sound choice for performance and noise reduction. Say goodbye to squeaky brakes and hello to a quieter, smoother ride all-round.

Low rotor wear

Ultimate+ pads are designed for low rotor wear, meaning your rotor will have a life span that is healthier for longer, no matter your riding style.


The ultimate all-rounder.

It’s easy to see value Bendix Moto Ultimate+ pads offer. No matter what machine you ride, it’s a great choice for both the casual and everyday rider.
Suitable for
Delivers you
Improved stopping power for your machine, helping keep your wheels cleaner with lower brake pad dust levels.
The perfect option for your A to B bike, offering more longevity with low rotor wear, low maintenance and strong performance in all weather conditions.
Small and medium capacity machines
A great feel for riding enjoyment, with low maintenance for savings and better control whether its rain, hail or shine.
Trail and touring bikes
A riding feel that is second to none. This pad has low rotor wear and handles well in any weather condition. It offers better performance to help you take on a trail or the bitumen with equal confidence.

Discover the Bendix Moto range

Developed using innovative technology and backed by nearly a century of braking expertise our two pads deliver riders confidence when they need it.
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Bendix parts are tested in Australia for Australian riding conditions, so you can get the best out of your bike. Explore our range of high quality brake pads and find the right fit for your bike.

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