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Bendix has led the way, designing and manufacturing brake products for Australian motorists since 1955. Known then as Mintex, the Ballarat-based company was bought out not long after by US Company Bendix Corporation, bringing its global reputation downunder.

Bendix has always sought to stay at the forefront of braking technology, heavily investing in research and development over the years, always looking to improve the braking performance, quality and durability of its products.

As a result, Bendix has been a prolific exporter of Australian-made disc brake pads, as well as successfully servicing the local market with brake products for tough Australian conditions.

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Well established as a braking manufacturer for passenger vehicles, Bendix took its expertise to the two-wheel category with the launch of Bendix Moto in 2022, developing a range of brake pads designed to instill confidence in motorbike riders every time they don the leathers.

And with a braking history like Bendix, you know you can ride with confidence. Whether you’re taking a weekend blast through the twisty stuff or making your daily commute, Bendix Moto allows you to lean in and safely enjoy the ride.

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Available both in Australia and New Zealand, Bendix Moto offers two brake pad options – each target specific motorcycle segments and riding styles.

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