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Which brake pad should I choose for my motorcycle

September 24, 2022 Tips & how-to guides
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When it comes time for your motorcycle’s next brake service, it’s important to consider what brake pad suits your bike and the way you ride best. Bendix Moto covers a wide range of bikes and riding applications, so we’re going to go through selecting the best braking solution to suit you.

First, you’ll need to confirm the exact model of your bike so that you get the correct part number and fitment. Depending on your bike, there may be slight differences in fitment between years and variants, so be sure to confirm every detail.

Next, think about the type of bike you ride and what you use it for. Is it a commuter that you ride in the city to work every day? Is it a classic that you take cruising on the open road every weekend? Or is it a hardcore sports bike that sees all its time doing laps out on the track? Once you’ve determined, you’ll be able to figure out what Bendix Moto brake pad offering is going to give you the kind of performance you need to ride safely and with confidence.

Bendix Moto offers two brake pad types, the Ultimate+ and the Street Road Track. Each offering is designed to suit different motorcycle types and riding styles, whilst both delivering high braking performance and rider confidence.

Bendix Moto Ultimate+

Bendix Moto Ultimate+ Brake Pads are for bikes that constantly deal with the daily grind, whether it be the work commute or working hard on the farm, whilst still offering high braking performance for those weekend cruises. Thanks to their high friction ceramic formulation offer low dust and low noise, making for comfortable day-to-day riding, whilst offering high brake fade resistance at high temperatures and stopping power far improved from the OEM equipment for those days out on the winding roads. If your bike sees day-to-day use and the odd spirited weekend ride, Bendix Moto Ultimate+ is the brake pad for you.

Bendix Moto Street Road Track

Bendix Moto Street Road Track Brake Pads are more suited to bikes that mainly see high-speed riding applications. Tested under the most extreme conditions, Bendix Moto Street Road Track Brake Pads are designed to deliver consistently high braking performance, no matter the conditions, whilst offering low fade, low wear, and high friction characteristics. Whether it be urban street riding, winding mountain roads, long stretches of open road, or cutting hot laps out on the track, Bendix Moto Street Road Track Brake Pads are designed to adjust to your riding style and continue to perform. If your bike has high-performance braking demands and mostly sees high-speed riding, Bendix Moto Street Road Track is what you need.

Once you’ve determined exactly what brake pad you need, all that’s left to do is head to your nearest Bendix stockist and grab your Bendix Moto brake pads. Fit Bendix Moto and ride with confidence.