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Moto DNA training nz

Master road safety

Episode 1. Improve your skills with motoDNA

Did you know it takes 10,000 hours to perfect a new skill? Our mates at motoDNA have created a series of training videos for our Bendix Moto community to help you get the best from you and your bike.

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Your personal virtual coach

Our mates at motoDNA have developed a new way of learning motorcycle skills using a brand new technology—together with a proven system. Using data from your GoPro, algorithms measure and grade your level compared to 1000’s of other riders including your mates and the experts. Then your virtual coach shows you what to do next to level up, improving step by step.

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Data-driven recommendations

Episode 2. Riding tips, tailored to you

motoDNA is a data driven, not opinion driven, system that comprises of 5 major elements: 3 Pillars, FLOW+, Data driven, Gamified, Rewards. All this and more built into a gamified and video rich online community platform, where you the riders own and control your own data.

080 min

Riding fundamentals

Episode 3. How do you know what your skill level is and where do you go to learn?

motoDNA have developed a set of training drills that replicate the most common real-world accidents, but in a controlled environment. Plus, its data driven so you can measure your skill level compared to thousands of other riders.It’s called streetSKILLS 101 and comprises the following drills: Fig 8, Emergency stop, Avoidance – Straight line, Avoidance – Corner, Balance – Slow speed, U Turn, Take off.

Moto DNA e4

Front brake fear

Episode 4. Are you afraid of your front brake?

After years of training thousands of motorcyclists, motoDNA were surprised how many riders are afraid of their front brake. However, like everything on a motorcycle, simply practise the correct technique in a controlled environment to improve step by step. Check out the reel and learn how to develop your skills step by step in a controlled environment, so you have those skills up your sleeve to react intuitively and quickly to the hazards on the road.

How track riding makes you safer on the road

How track riding makes you safer on the road

Episode 5. You can explore your motorcycles capability in relative safety without risking your licence

Think of the track as your favourite twisty road, but with no oncoming traffic, gravel or roadside furniture. You are free to practise your skills, plus make the inevitable small mistakes, in a controlled environment. Though you can go as fast as you dare, its not about speed, watch the video to learn why.

Moto DNA Ep6

How to avoid a head on

Episode 6. How to be safe on the road and avoid a head on

You won’t learn how to be a good rider on social media or by watching a 2-minute video. A growth mindset is needed together with investing in rider training. This will give you the necessary skills to be safe on the road and survive the ride.

Moto DNA Ep 7

Ultimate Trail Braking Street Guide

Episode 7. Learn trail braking to improve your street riding

Trail braking is an essential part of any racer’s toolkit, but does it have any value to road riders and, if so, how can we learn it and practice safely? In this video, Mark McVeigh from motoDNA explains this advanced skill and how we can use it safely to improve our riding on the street.

Moto DNA Ep8

What is the safety bubble?

Episode 8. Learn this defensive driving technique

What is the Safety Bubble? Learn this defensive riding technique and how we can use it safely to improve our riding on the street.

Filtering Thumb 1

Safe filtering

Episode 9. Learn how to filter safely on the street

What are the essential skills needed for safe filtering? Learn the most important skills to safely filter on the street.

Adventure Hills thumbnail

Adventure Hills

Episode 10. Learn to ride safely up hills on your adventure bike

What are the basic skills needed for safely riding up hills on your adventure bike? Mark McVeigh from motoDNA shares some tips for safe adventures.

Put your skills to the test with motoDNA

If you want to learn, have more fun and reduce your risk, invest in yourself and sign up at motoDNA.com to learn more.

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