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How to Ride Berms Properly

September 21, 2023 Tips & how-to guides
Berm Riding8

Having the right technique when it comes to riding berms is of the most important skills you can have when you’re out enjoying your local track. Every motocross track has berms, so it’s an essential skill to have when it comes to becoming a more confident rider.

Berm Riding2

Figure 1: Always make sure that you have the right protective gear before heading out on your bike.

First thing's first, make sure that you’ve got the right safety gear before you hit the track. At a
minimum, you’ll need a helmet, boots, protective pants, and gloves. Next, you’ll need to make
sure that your bike is track-worthy. Things like your brakes, suspension, and tyres are all
serviceable items and essential when it comes to proper riding technique, so make sure that
they’re up to scratch before you head out there.

Berm Riding3

Figure 2: Keep your brakes, tyres, and suspension in top condition to maximise your riding safety and experience.

There are several key points to consider when taking a berm, with the first being approach. When entering a berm for the first time, look ahead, pick the best line and brake early. Making sure that you’ve got the proper braking technique is essential when it comes to refining your berm technique. Your bike has front and rear brakes, and when used correctly, provide a huge amount of stopping power. For more information on proper braking technique, read our article on braking HERE.

Berm Riding4

Figure 3: When entering a berm for the first time, look ahead, pick the best line and brake early.

Next, make sure you’ve got the correct body position. As you take the berm, you’ll want to be standing until the apex of the corner. Make sure that you’re always looking ahead, and sit down in one fluid motion as you hit the apex.

Berm Riding5

Your outside leg should be gripping the bike with weight in the peg and your inside leg high and tight.

Berm Riding6

As the bike leans into the corner, keep your elbows up and your body position central with the bike. You’ll want to avoid leaning on the opposite side or underneath the bike.

Berm Riding7

The final thing to master is corner exit. As you approach the exit, maintain smooth throttle control, keep your head over the crossbar, and get your leg back on the peg as soon as possible.

Berm Riding9

Figure 4: Be sure to maintain smooth throttle control as you exit the berm.

As always, practice makes perfect. Focusing on technique rather than speed when you’re first starting out is key. As you refine your technique, the speed will come with it. To get the most out of your bike, you’ll need the right brake pads to suit the way that you ride.

Berm Riding10

Figure 5: Bendix Moto Street Road Track brake pads are a sintered compound and are built for longevity and spirited riding.

Check out Bendix Moto’s range of Street Road Track and Ultimate+ brake pads on our website at the link below and ride with confidence.

Berm Riding11

Figure 6: Bendix Moto Ultimate+ brake pads are a ceramic compound and are for the everyday commuter or casual rider who wants ultimate confidence and control on their journey.

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